The most exciting creatives are out there. They move independently, choosing focus to deepen their crafts and freedom to get disruptive. They are designers, researchers and entrepreneurs. Wolves.

Society needs them. Wicked problems need experiments, cities need pioneers and establishment needs challengers. Building on over twelve years of experience in both transition strategies and creative productions, Wolfpack now closes these gaps.

Wolfpack is a lab for the next economy. We explore, explain and experiment. We produce programs, campaigns and living labs. For each project we handpick a team, covering knowledge and design, brains and teeth, strategy and street level.


For the strength
of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Rudyard Kipling,
The Jungle Book

Janjoost set his mind to innovations, developed his gut on the streets and now puts his heart in making beautiful things.

Head first: with a master's degree in human-technology interaction he has worked on innovation and sustainability strategies for over fifteen years. On a gut feeling: he was culturally shaped in an underground hiphop scene, throwing parties and exhibitions in Rotterdam. At heart: Janjoost is a storyteller, always looking for the kick and the core of complex matter. With Wolfpack he unites all three, making creative productions on stories of change.

Janjoost is also co-founder and energy lead of BlockLab, fieldlab for blockchain technology.


Janjoost Jullens

development lead

Mattijs is Wolfpack’s backbone when it comes to exploring and explaining new trends and niches. A dozen years in universities provided him with a PhD in transition science and a broad experience in different innovation fields and methods.

But still he is a rocker and neural thrill-seeker. Incurably curious he jumps into socio-technical trends. Then, he scrapes off the buzz and daily clutter of innovation to discover underlying lessons. Mattijs distills new tangible points of intervention from the latest research and provides our experiments with the right frameworks.

Mattijs also works as an evaluator and analyst with the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT).

Mattijs Taanman

research lead

Mark studied economics, worked for corporates, but soon found he was too much of an entrepreneur. Fascinated by visual culture he built an agency for creatives (Shop Around), based in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and New York. From this he partnered with ventures such as DC and the Dance Parade. His next step was twofold: guiding young creatives with business development; and guiding corporate innovation teams with design thinking.

At Wolfpack he now practices business design. Mark is the one who converts new trends, visions and experiments into your next venture.

Mark is also a business partner at service design agency Livework Studio.

Mark Bode

business lead


Wolfpack runs and co-runs several labs on key elements for the future. We have 50+ partners involved so far, and counting...  BlockLab is a fieldlab for blockchain technology. The Prototyping Program builds next business cases and experiments. Skills for the Next Economy is an ongoing research with Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Labs to be launched: The Next MBA and Crowd Based Innovations

partnering with ao


Pakhuis de Zwijger
Port of Rotterdam

TU Delft
Roadmap Next Economy




themes ao

Tech x Impact
Next skills
Port economics


BlockLab puts blockchain technology into practice. Rooted in the Port and the City of Rotterdam we develop
use cases with alliances of engineers, developers, system players and end users.

A BlockLab example: can we build virtual agents that do our energy trade for us?
We are developing both tangible use cases and a virtual laboratorium.

Can we bring the next economy into reality right now? The Prototyping Program scouts and initiates cases.
Powered by the City of Rotterdam and the Roadmap Next economy.

A Prototyping example: the RDM Makerspace developed the Marvin, an internet-of-things starter kit,
enabling makers to prototype IoT-applications and students to experiment.

Skills for the Next Economy: creative research via a series of events in and with
Pakhuis de Zwijger, drawing from the maker movement’s methods. With moderator Bart Krull.

A Skills example: hustling as the main skill in a gig economy. With Edson Sabajo (Patta), Katja Berkhout (VenCaf),
Aruna Vermeulen (Hiphophuis) and Roel Bol (Min. of Economic Affairs).


Yes, the next economy and sustainable development are really happening, but in a way that is both uncertain and diffuse. What's real, what's not? Wolfpack specializes in seeing first symptoms and making first moves. Our resources: design thinking, science and pioneering entrepreneurs.

Our output: strategic models, scenarios, hit lists, labs and entire programs.

commissioned by ao

Min. of Economic Affairs

City of Rotterdam
National Parliament
Nat. Delta Program
Dutch Urban Agenda

themes ao



Maker movement
Future of water
Next economy basics

Next economy basics: how distributed times circular can beat linear.
Including an agenda on tech, skills and business models. Part of the Lab Results magazine.

A lead via blockchain technology, position paper on a digital Port of Rotterdam.
Co-production with Aljosja Beije, resulting in the foundation of a new fieldlab.

Scale-ups in NL (in Dutch): 10 takeaways for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and StartupDelta.
Field research and strategy, commissioned by the Ministry, collabo with Mark Bode.

Sharpening the Roadmap Next Economy: harvesting challenging views from creative pioneers,
strategy development. For example: seven shots for the next labor market.

Third Individual Revolution: manifesto (English / Dutch) on the maker movement as a
next economy best practice. For the Dutch Urban Agenda, with Baschz Leeft.

Development of an Innovation Agenda for the public procurement program.
Commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with IMI.

Information management: fueling vision and strategy for the back office of the National Parliament.
For the National Parliament, with/via IMI.

Future of water: value based future scenarios on water management. Research,
modelling, strategic implications. For the National Delta Program, with 50+ experts, via IMI.

Agrifood: field studies on innovation niches like vertical farming and smart b2c value chains.
For topsector AgriFood, with Bart Krull.

Field studies on startups and sme’s in their proof of concept phases: tresholds, chances.
For the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with Bart Krull.

Plans, Probes and Pop ups: field studies and hands-on tactics on creative cross-overs.
For the City of Rotterdam and the EU (URBACT), with Studio Spass.


Wolfpack knows how to define the kick and core of complex matter. Adding storytelling and art direction we produce communications about innovations. For each production we handpick a team of creatives, drawing from a strong network of independents. These wolfs provide way more quality and edge than your average agency. We promise.

Together we produce events, exhibitions, books, visual stories and anything that works.

commisioned by ao

Wageningen UR
NL Embassy Berlin
Transport for London
Min. of Economic Affairs

disciplines ao


Lab Results: longreads, interviews, cases and more on the next economy. With Studio Spass and Aad
Hoogendoorn, supported by the Min. of I&M and the City of Rotterdam. Read article 1 and/or Click to order.

FabCity: first try out in Rotterdam, building on the international FabCity movement.
With Future Flux Festival, Baschz Leeft, Better Future Factory, Shailoh Phillips and many more.

Biobased, a travelling exhibition: storytelling via infographics, new tech and tangibles. For WUR, with
Baschz Leeft, WOAU, Rnul Interactive, Olivier Otten, Mopix, Ben Werkt.

Open Minds: three piece summer series with Venture Café Rotterdam, bringing together designers,
entrepreneurs, artists and innovators.  Supported by KPN New Business.

Hustle: expert meeting bringing the gig economy to a street level. With EVR, IABR and Bart Krull.
Feat.  Prof. Ruud Muffels, Hiphophuis, ShareNL and Serdar Özturk.

El Segundo: exhibition in and on Berlin as the creative capital. Commissioned by the Dutch Embassy and the
City of Rotterdam. With Baschz Leeft, Lukas Feireiss, Selfcontrolfreak and Studio Spass.

Pro Lite innovation program on public lighting: identity, website, interactive modules.
For Transport for London, with Hats&Tales and Jonas Vorwerk.

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