Wolfpack is a lab for the next economy. We do r&d on its business models, skill sets, technologies and social structures. We assess, ideate and strategize.

Wolfpack's in-house expertise holds design thinking, innovation sciences and entrepreneurship. We work with a network of 50+ active partners, ranging from universities to artists. For each project we handpick a team, covering knowledge and design, brains and teeth, technology and street level.

We are a boutique agency, rooted in Rotterdam, driven by curiosity, and we love Diplomatico Reserva.



For the strength
of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Rudyard Kipling,
The Jungle Book

Janjoost set his mind to innovations, developed his gut on the streets and now puts his heart in making beautiful things.

Head first: with a master's degree in human-technology interaction he has worked on innovation and sustainability strategies for over fifteen years. On a gut feeling: he was culturally shaped in an underground hiphop scene, throwing parties and exhibitions in Rotterdam. At heart: Janjoost is a storyteller, always looking for the kick and the core of complex matter. With Wolfpack he unites all three, making creative productions on stories of change.

Janjoost is also co-founder and energy lead of Blocklab, fieldlab for blockchain technology.


Janjoost Jullens

development lead

Mattijs is Wolfpack’s backbone when it comes to exploring and explaining new trends and niches. A dozen years in universities provided him with a PhD in transition science and a broad experience in different innovation fields and methods.

But still he is a rocker and neural thrill-seeker. Incurably curious he jumps into socio-technical trends. Then, he scrapes off the buzz and daily clutter of innovation to discover underlying lessons. Mattijs distills new tangible points of intervention from the latest research and provides our experiments with the right frameworks.

Mattijs also works as an evaluator and analyst with the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT).

Mattijs Taanman

research lead

Mark studied economics, worked for corporates, but soon found he was too much of an entrepreneur. Fascinated by visual culture he built an agency for creatives (Shop Around), based in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and New York. From this he partnered with ventures such as DC and the Dance Parade. His next step was twofold: guiding young creatives with business development; and guiding corporate innovation teams with design thinking.

At Wolfpack he now practices business design. Mark is the one who converts new trends, visions and experiments into your next venture.

Mark is also a business partner at service design agency Livework Studio.

Mark Bode

business lead

Lisanne makes sure Wolfpack stays fresh, grounded and accessible. What’s in it for the rest of the world? She has a bachelor degree in communications studies and a few years of experience as a producer, but that’s just the paperwork… Lisanne confronts the team when things gets to abstract, she brings in a sparkle and she is constantly keen to pinpoint stories worth sharing.

Lisanne is responsible for producing our communications and events and for strengthening our network. She lives and breathes city life, just dove into community businesses, and makes a coffee to die for.

Lisanne Vakkers




Our city holds a creative scene of designers, developers, makers and serial innovators that is not attached to the hubs and accelerator programs. In this off radar network blockchain first came up, new paradigms on man-machine relationships are evolving, experiments tend to be more radical, and innovation is about critical thinking and change.

The Fuzzy Frontend is a Rotterdam based, embedded program. We scout new developments, support new business cases and we are building a first-hand knowledge base the next economy

partnering with ao

City of Rotterdam
V2_, The Incredible Machine, RDM Makerspace, Thryst Energy and many others




Wolfpack is a co-founder of Blocklab and runs the energy track. The current portfolio includes 8+ use cases, international collaborations and an online lab to be launched in Q3.

'Blocklab puts blockchain technology into practice. Rooted in the Port and the City of Rotterdam we develop use cases with alliances of engineers, developers, system players and end users. Our focus is on energy and logistics – the first being Rotterdam’s biggest challenge, the latter our greatest strength.’

partnering with ao

Port of Rotterdam
TU Delft
S&P Global Platts

Min. of Economic Affairs

EthDevNL, IOTA and many others


How to reinforce community driven projects with new technologies and business sense? How to steer data technology towards community ownership, governance and revenues? Grassroots Business Lab realizes proof of concepts and use cases that bridge the gap between the streets and incubators, between people and technology.

Grassroots Business Lab is in a preparatory stage and is a part of the Roadmap Next Economy.

partnering with ao

Roadmap Next Economy

Rabobank Rotterdam


West Practice Rotterdam
Moerwijk Den Haag


What are the crucial next economy skill sets and business tools? Building on two years of creative research and events together with Pakhuis de Zwijger, we are now making the next step: integrating the skills program, innovation research and frontline experience into applicable knowhow for business managers and entrepreneurs.

About to be launched 2018 Q3.

partnering with ao

Venture Café Rotterdam
Rotterdam School of Management
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Bart Krull
More tba


Our lab portfolio provides us with large reach and a continuous flow of new insights that we use as starting points in our consultancy services. We do research, sprints,  business casing and masterclasses on our core domains of expertise: skill sets and innovation tactics;  market developments and transition strategies; productive creativity.

Wolfpack serves both public and private sector. Methodology stems from innovation sciences and design thinking; we team up with both academia and niche frontrunners.


partnering with ao

TU Delft



Min. of Economic Affairs


Sometimes we publish, sometimes they publish about us. A few selected items.

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