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Berlin: capitol of creativity, libertine playground of Europe. Is it truth or myth? A gift or a burden?

Berlin rooted curator Lukas Feireiss invited Dutch artists Baschz Leeft and Janjoost Jullens to co-host an exhibition examining the most prevailing myths on the Hauptstadt. Merging backgrounds in societal research, design, interaction and street culture El Segundo provides a thorough but humorous view on this city of arts, activism, immigrant entrepreneurs and omnipresent pink pipes.

From one city to another the exhibition features works from all Rotterdam based artists:

Janjoost Jullens is a researcher, writer and art director who uses arts to put societal issues in new perspectives and to fuel innovations. Did a street inspired Tedtalk on new simplicity.

Baschz Leeft is an omnimedial visual artist, designer and curator with a profound love for mass and sub cultures. Also founding father of Rotterdam cultural breeding ground and gallery SingerSweatShop.

Selfcontrolfreak is an internationally known experiment on interactive video that explores choice and control in interaction. Also the maker of the interactive motion picture Order.

Studio Spass is a design team that deliberately avoids being trapped into corners and fixed formulae, and values Spass in the design process. Winners of a Silver European Design Award for an artfestival poster campaign.

Exhibition: El Segundo, Instinctive travels to the Hauptstadt
Vernissage: May 30 2013, 19.00
Open until: June 22 2013. Tue - Sat 12:00 - 20:00

Urban Spree Gallery

Revalerstrasse 99
10245 Friedrichshain, Berlin

Kindly supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the City of Rotterdam and Centrum Beeldende Kunst.



All exhibition pictures taken by
Aad Hoogendoorn.

Work in progress

The Urban Spree Gallery space

GHTTO - Janjoost Jullens & Baschz Leeft - 2013 - Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

GHTTO is a piece created out of the logo of Rotterdam’s late club Nighttown close to the Central Station, which was closed in the summer of 2006. The subversive cropping of the Nighttown logo by the artists not only pays homage to the late club, whose characteristic letter design is still immediately recognizable for the citizens of Rotterdam, but also represents their feelings about visiting the city of Berlin. By implementing the GHTTO piece within a gallery context the artists consciously play with ambivalence of being underground but safe.

I Left My Wallet In El Segundo - Janjoost Jullens & Baschz Leeft - 2013 - Pavement painting - 2,5 x 67 meters

The large scale pavement painting references to the exhibition’s title that alludes not only to the debut single „I Left My Wallet in El Segundo“ from A Tribe Called Quest‘s debut album People‘s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, which narrates the fantastic story of a spontaneous road-trip across country but also wittingly brings to mind Marlene Dietrich‘s famous Berlin hymn „Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin“. The exhibition title‘s purposive proximity to El Dorado, the legendary „Lost City of Gold“ furthermore conjures notions of earthly paradise - the golden land of plenty, that fascinated explorers since the days of the Spanish Conquistadores. The city of Berlin has become the new El Segundo/El Dorado for many new Berliners.

Berlin, Berliner, Berlinest - Studio Spass - 2013 - Prints

Who is the Berlinest of them all? The series of prints playfully touches upon the comic competition between original Berliners and expats, experienced visitors and first-timers. Taking six typical Berlin assets, such as the blurring of houses on GoogleMaps, Studio Spass here comments on the personal appropriation of the German capital through the ironic visualisation of the city’s name. The prints are entirely designed with analogue techniques, using a mirror as the main instrument.

Pipe Dreams - Baschz Leeft - 2013 - Installation

The space-encompassing installation by Baschz Leeft reflects upon the omnipresent pink tubes that prominently run throughout the entire city. Emerging in different neighborhoods, the tubes are a mystery to many of Berlin’s visitors. Functioning as draining pipes for the city’s ground water they have become a quintessential element of Berlin’s streetscape. Baschz’s typographical sculpture must be read against the backdrop of this local phenomenon.

Der Kapsalon - Janjoost Jullens - 2013 - Ongoing project

Berlin is a city of immigrants and home to the largest Turkish community oustide Turkey. As their presence is an essential ingredient to both Berlin’s and Rotterdam’s multicultural vividness, Janjoost Jullens aims to increase the intercultural exchange even more by introducing Rotterdam’s latest Kebab innovation: the Kapsalon. Invented by Jullens’ neighbour in Rotterdam, it quickly spread throughout the Netherlands. By convincing a number of Kebab places in close vicinity to the exhibition space to incorporate the Kapsalon into their menu, he hopes to enhance the success story of this particular dish and to endorse the local entrepreneurship.

Cratefull of Baschz - Baschz Leeft - 2009 - Installation
El Segundo Mixtape - Janjoost Jullens - 2013 - Cassette & CD

Cratefull is Baschz’s vehicle for his Instinctive Travels throughout the world, carrying everything he collected on his way. Simultaneously, Cratefull functions as a mobile soundsystem, now playing the El Segundo Mixtape, a musical background for traveling to Berlin from Rotterdam. The mixtape, as well as the exhibition title itself, refers to A Tribe Called Quest’s masterpiece People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, one of the sources of inspiration for this exhibition. Whereas Baschz’s Crateflul refers to the first part of the album’s title, Janjoost’s Mixtape alludes to it’s second part: The Paths of Rhythm.

Um Die Ecke - Selfcontrolfreak - 2013 - Video installation - 1.56 minutes

Every city is to some extent both a benefiter and prisoner of its own myth and cliché – and Berlin is a prime example of this phenomena. Berlin is known as a cosmopolitan, tolerant, open-minded, and exciting capital in which life is still affordable. At the same the city is characterized by it’s rough attitude, edginess and even violent appearance. With Um die Ecke Selfcontrolfreak translates the city’s ambiguous struggle with it’s own myth and image into a video projection mapping piece. We see the artist chasing and being chased by himself.

Curator Lukas Feireiss

Kapsalon presentation


Party - deejay Beatno

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For questions, interviews and hi-res pictures please contact

Janjoost Jullens (Wolfpack) | +316 1422 4322 |
Baschz Leeft | +316 2413 7004 |

flyer | press release | pictures | download everything in one ZIP file